AtlanTec 2017

Planning for the AtlanTec Festival 2017 has already commenced. If you are involved in Technology in the West of Ireland Conference, ICT, Software, MedTech or MarineTech we would be delighted to hear from you if you are interested in assisting in helping promote our vibrant Technology Culture.

The Festival, will help celebrating Technological Innovation in the West of Ireland. AtlanTec 2016, will present world-class speakers and practitioners and connecting them with the most exciting innovative companies in the West.

The goal of AtlanTec brought to you by ITAG is to unite and empower the different technology communities by facilitating the spread of information within the Tech sectors in the West of Ireland.


Are you an innovator, are you a though leader, evangelist and wish to spread the word to the Tech communities of Ireland, then we would love to hear from you.

Join the illustrious ranks of our past speakers such as Ramona Pierson, John McGuire and a host of other others who have come to Galway and learned as well as taught.

Contact us at contact@itag.ie

AtlanTec, IBM and Cisco proudly present

Ireland’s first Watson IoT Hackathon

Friday, 7th – Saturday, 9th of October at The PorterShed, in Galway’s innovation district.
You and your team will:

  • Learn how to build solutions on the world’s leading cognitive IoT platform – IBM Watson IoT
  • Push the boundaries of technology with Edge IoT, the hottest topic in the IoT field
  • Develop a prototype with help from industry experts in IBM Watson IoTCiscoVT NetworksIntel and many more.
  • Develop your business case with the help of pitching coaches
  • Pitch your business case to the IBM Watson IoT Ecosystem
  • Own any IP that you develop over the weekend
  • Win cool prizes and pick up SWAG

Spaces in this competition are limited. Make sure that you apply early. 

Why Take Part?

For the glory of course. Oh yea and there are some fantastic prizes for the best of the best also.
With Best Overall IoT Project, Best Edge IoT Project and Best Citizen Scientist Project
there is going to be stiff competition, plenty of fun, music and food  


The AtlanTec Festival is brought to you by


Our member companies and our generous sponsors


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About The Festival

The Festival

The AtlanTec Festival runs over two weeks and consists of a series of wide-ranging information technology themed events,of interest to IT industry professionals, community groups and those in education.

The Purpose

The purpose of the AtlanTec festival is to showcase Galway’s diverse technology culture and to encourage creativity, innovation and collaboration within the IT, Business and Educational communities in the West of Ireland.

The Events

The comprehensive AtlanTec Festival events calendar covers technology products, technology concepts, current industry themes, interest group meet-ups, community technology, educational technology and much more.

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